Call me "Hipster"...

Posted on September 10, 2013 by richardgoulter
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Maybe I was just in a disagreeable mood, I don’t know.

Regarding music, I’d tend to reckon it’s the songs that are to be liked (maybe even the styles), not the musicians who play the music themselves.
Perhaps I can say that because I listen to music on my computer or iPod or whatever, rather than in-person, live performances.
Perhaps I say that since the important thing is what you like about the song, not about how the song has been brought about.
– As an example, popular society says that all music from Justin Bieber is awful. This is a dumb thing to say, since, if you happen to find yourself liking a song from Justin Bieber, you’re then in a shitty situation. You’d be better off saying all the music you’ve heard from Bieber is awful.
The same surely applies for categorical praise of an artist. (What if they covered a Justin Bieber song?).

Perhaps that’s why I was slightly disgruntled at a “I love [this particular band who happens to be popular at the moment, of which I’ve never mentioned/said a thing about before]” statement.
Everyone loves that band. It’s popular at the moment.
Those who don’t like it probably don’t like it because of its popularity. (So hipster).

But perhaps I could ask.. what’s important isn’t that you like it. Lots of people like that music.
What’s more valuable to know is why. Why do you like it?

I think here “because it’s good” is a crockshit answer.
I like music, but how the fuck could I be the judge of whether music is ‘good’ or not? (Let alone that that’s a statement about aesthetics..). I like lots of music which is good, lots which isn’t, and I’m sure there’s good music I don’t like.

But music is surely an intrinsically emotional thing.
Why do you like it?

I like this music because because it’s in Band of Brothers. (Duh). I remember good times watching Band of Brothers with my parents as a teenager.
Which mightn’t be a unique reason to like the music, but that’s why I like it; this reason belongs to me since I’m sure others can’t say they like it because they watched it with my parents.

Less unique, but Kanye West’s Power still evokes that scene from Saints Row 3; and if you look up Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding out for a Hero”, I’d be confident one of the top comments is going to be something like “I’m coming, Shaundi!”.
Perhaps I can still say this reason belongs to me since I was the one who enjoyed playing through SR3. (Others did, too, I’m not saying they didn’t. But it’s a good memory for me..).

Or perhaps I love the music I first heard when I was in high-school ’cause it brings me back to that time (and the nostalgic, good memories of such..).
And so if I were to be honest and personal about why I like that music, it’s surely going to be a personal reason.

Calling bullshit on all the above, maybe, would be that I like the (fun part of) the Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture.
It’s loud and fun and cannons and shit.
Ah, well.

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