Silly Things to Say on International Women's Day

Posted on March 10, 2015 by Richard Goulter
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It was International Women’s Day a couple of days ago.

A knee-jerk response seen on social media was:

When is it ever International Men’s Day?

This is a stupid thing to say.
Do you want an International Men’s Day? Grow up, I’d reckon. Saying “What about International Men’s day?” on International Women’s Day, when sure as shit you’d not have given it a spare thought any other day of the year, is like being the brother who wants to play with the toys only because his little sister wanted to.

It’s a notch below “Why do we need International Women’s Day?” as a question, which is still not as good as “What’s International Women’s Day about, anyway?”.
Saying silly things, apparently. Also:

Men’s day is every day!

As the just-as-common, just-as-stupid response to above question.

The assumption is, I guess, “you men are privileged!”.
– It’s not a stupid thing to remark that men have privilege, and have opportunities that others don’t have.
– It becomes stupid when you pretend that privilege is a one-dimensional continuum. Or, rather, that anyone who has “privilege” doesn’t also face obstacles.

I mean, being a white man doesn’t look like this, from FunnyOrDie. (As one YouTube commenter writes “I can’t tell if FOD is being run by social justice warriors or making fun of them.”).

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