A Quick Flirtation with Haskell

Posted on September 28, 2013 by richardgoulter
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I decided I should investigate more programming languages, since I don’t hate Java as much as my CS peers do. (Well. Many of my CS peers don’t actually understand Java enough, and this is why they dislike it. But anyway..).

One of these languages that isn’t the C/C++/Java which every CS student touches is Haskell.

The wonderful Learn You a Haskell Book can be read online for free.
Though if you’d like to give some money to the author, (say $5 or $10 for a book you might open only once or twice), the minimum contribution seems to be 40 USD, as determined by the publisher is a sensible price for the eBook.
I find this pricing model slightly unbalanced.

While I can totally say that the book is great, and that Haskell looks like a beautiful language to think in,
I ran into some difficulties when trying to marry Eclipse and Haskell with EclipseFP on my installation. (I mean, Linux Mint 15. The consolation is that this also didn’t work-perfectly-first-try on Windows, either).
It seems the following links may be relevant to my problems:

(I’ve not found the time to bother just at the moment. This is for my reference).

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