Installing Haskell Platform for Linux Mint 16

Posted on January 6, 2014 by richardgoulter
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Computers are great when they work, frustrating when they don’t. – Probably a better indication of how “hard” something is to use isn’t just how simple/complex it may be when all things go right, but what obstacles there are when things don’t, and how easy it is to get around these.

Installing the Haskell Platform, oddly, was much easier on Windows than on Linux Mint. (Although apparently folk point out that Mint isn’t really a developer OS. Whatever).

Linux Mint lacks a “haskell-platform” package, which means installing the haskell-platform is harder than I’m used to as a Linux user.

Google is my friend.
The following links were useful for me:

Things I’d note, from a fresh install of Linux Mint 16 (Petra):

Did kinda suck running into difficulties, but it wasn’t too bad I suppose.

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