Migrating to Hakyll

Posted on June 29, 2014 by Richard Goulter
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So. I’ve taken the plunge and have started migrating to Hakyll. Hakyll is a static site generator, written in Haskell. Hakyll is like Jekyll, but not Ruby. (Well, I’ve not used Jekyll, so I can’t easily, validly compare them).

Why Hakyll? Because Haskell. (Well, Hakyll as opposed to Jekyll).

Why a static site generator? ’cause it’s cool. I like the idea of writing blogposts only in a markdown format, and having that translated into a HTML markup.

This personal blog of mine is migrating from WordPress; I’ve made changes to the default Hakyll project to make it look more WordPress-y. “Adapting” from various places: tags, categories, pagination and post “teasers”.

It’s still a bit rough at the edges. I’m not a great CSS / web designer. Clearly. And some of the blogposts from WordPress didn’t quite translate across correctly.

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