Yi in a Cabal Sandbox on OSX

Posted on July 1, 2014 by Richard Goulter
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For the most part there are instructions for this on the GitHub repo for Yi.

Despite that, I ran into a difficulty or two when I tried this.
Like these errors One error which complained was trying to use aeson- Installing a newer version of aeson into the sandbox resolved this. (For some reason, changing the yi.cabal so that it had version 4.2 of the lens library [which requires aeson >=] didn’t resolve this. I don’t suppose I understand how Cabal works).

Having forgotten how to install gtk2hs on OSX, naturally I ran into difficulties with cabal install -fpango. (For some reason, I had issues with GTK; gtk-demo failed to load. Similar to this). Word to the wise,

cabal install --with-gcc=gcc-4.8 -fvty -fpango

would be how to install it. (Alas, I’m plagued by errors when I try to install the Pango frontend. I was able to install it earlier..).

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