Tips to Make Windows 10 Suck Less

Posted on August 22, 2015 by Richard Goulter
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Windows 10 has been pretty great so far.

I always heard Windows 10 hyped up as a marriage of Windows 8 and Windows 7. Sure, I heard that Win 10 was going to have a ‘package manager’, just-like-Linux, but no one mentioned the workspaces.
Sure, I still don’t know the shortcut keys. Apparently it’s Win + Ctrl + Left/Right to switch desktop. – Other keyboard shortcuts I wish I knew were “Move window to left/right desktop”, and for when I’m lucky enough to have multiple monitors, “Move window to left/right display”.
Scott Hansleman goes over command prompt hotkeys, also, which is nice.

Upgrade process? Well, for me, I did a fresh install of Win 8.1 Pro, then directly upgraded to Win 10 via the Windows Update.. doing that works really well. (“fresh install”, though.). And on my lab machine, I did a fresh install of Win 10 Education edition. (Which I blame for breaking my Linux installation, though I did play a bit with EasyBCD, so might be PEBKAC).

But the things that annoyed me most:

Family Settings

With Family Settings installed, I couldn’t use the internet.
On Internet Explorer (“Edge”), it wouldn’t show comments on some YouTube videos, and wouldn’t show some YouTube videos altogether. – I was left bemused as to why some videos were ‘taken down’ from my favourite channels.
Firefox was completely unusable with Win 10’s Family Settings enabled – It refused to acknowledge validity of the HTTPS certificates.

Instructions to turn off Microsoft Family settings, i.e. go to and you can remove yourself.

– On a side note, I faced issues like this when I first got a Windows Phone; it wouldn’t let me install Facebook or WhatsApp.

Chocolatey / OneGet

It’s hard to find resources for this.
Some are outdated, or incorrect. Scott Hanselman’s post is good, with the proviso:

Instructions to install are in the post, but roughly all you need is then, e.g. install-package consolez or install-package -name consolez if the name is ambiguous. (Btw, yeah, use ConsoleZ or ConEmu rather than PoSh directly.).

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