Kudos to the Awesome Lists

Posted on May 30, 2016 by Richard Goulter
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I’ve a wariness for programming-languages/etc. which are hyped by the mainstream programmer community. – Computers suck, programming languages suck; the best code is no code, etc.; & much of the “hey this is cool” often comes from folk without the experience to say with authority that something is cool.
(This post argues that the ‘elites’ are the one who drive a languages adoption, & by the time the ‘unwashed masses’ arrive, the party is over.).

But, uh, kudos to the “awesome” lists. e.g. this list of awesome-lists.
They seem to be good aggregates of the kinds of resources you’re supposed to somehow know-of or pick up along the way. While each list is different, it seems that the awesome-$language lists showcase: the popular libraries (for which problems), as well as popular tools for doing stuff with the language. (In particular, code-styling and linting tools.).

(I’m not sure whether the star-/commit-counts are good indications of a language’s community, or indications of how well ninja-rockstars love a language, but still looks useful.).

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