Capsword is a Neat Keyboard Feature

Posted on May 4, 2023 by Richard Goulter

QMK is a framework for customising how your keyboard functions.

One of its relatively new features is “Caps Word”.

Roughly, it’s “like caps lock, but only for one word”.

This is quite useful for programmers, since writing program code often involves writing stuff like const THE_CONST = "some value";. – So, it’s as if shift is pressed for any letter that might be in a variable identifier (letters, numbers, underscores); and the keyboard exits out of its “caps word mode” if any other key (like escape, space, or backspace) is pressed.

Although the original Caps Lock only requires one key press to toggle ‘Caps Lock mode’ on, and one key to toggle it off, you’re more likely to accidentally keep ‘Caps Lock mode’ on when you don’t mean to. – Whereas, with “Caps Word”, you’re not. So, the risk of a ‘modal error’, of accidentally being in ‘Caps Lock mode’, when you don’t intend to be, is reduced.

The biggest downside I can think of is that you’ve got to find a spot to put the “Caps Word key” on your keyboard layout. – Which is only really a problem if you also want to keep the original “Caps Lock” key around.

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