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Posted on July 16, 2014 by Richard Goulter
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Readers, man.

GoodReads has reader lists:

Perhaps not surprisingly, a list of The Most Begun/Read but Unfinished includes a lot of so-called “literature”.
I’m under the impression people don’t finish the books because they’re boring, and they begin reading the books because it’s “literature”, rather than the books being good to read.

There are genre-favourite lists like Favourite Historical Romance Novels featuring the lit-classics like Pride & Prejudice as well as more recent favourites; Judith M, Lisa K and Julia Q all get heavily represented here.

The snark which readers hold is also very well represented by the time you get to page 7: Books I Have No Intention of Reading and Dealbreakers: If You Like This Book We Won’t Get Along have previews of books like Twilight and books from Ann Coulter. (If people really hate Ann Coulter so much, it’s a shame that the Americans haven’t then switched to metric units.. Ann Coulter hates the metric system).

– Twilight’s an interesting one on these lists; it’s consistently featured among the “I loved this book”, “Best Book”, and “Must Read” lists (at least insofar as the previews show), but also is prominent in the “Worst Book Evar” such lists.

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