Devil in Winter

Posted on March 27, 2015 by Richard Goulter
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So. Recently I re-read Lisa Kleypas’ “Devil in Winter”.
Not the first time I’ve re-read that book.

There are some less-than-stellar parts of the book. (Notably, an awkward sequel-setup, which then doesn’t get follow-through in the next book besides “oh. that. haha. oops.”.).
But it’s such an amazing, fantastic book! I can’t believe there’re those who don’t think it a 5-outta-5.

It really puts in the punches, constantly chapter-to-chapter the characters grow and interact and fight and flirt.
Presumably you’ve read it if you’re reading this?
I’m not sure I could summarise DiW well. I’m writing this post because I love the book.
I will say there’re so many moments I love in the book!

– In the first chapter. When Sebastian insults Eva, and notices she doesn’t flinch at all. (What kindof upbringing would harden her to that?).
When Sebastian takes care of her on the arduous ride.
The wedding ceremony.
Evie’s concern for her husband when he’s in a fight! Evie’s jealousy of her husband! Sebastian’s jealousy of Evie!
When Sebastian’s wounded on the floor, Evie embrace. :’)
When they’re in the office, Sebastian’s familiar intimacies with his wife.
Sebastian coming into his own, putting his otherwise misdirected skills to good use.

And while I’ve re-read it many times, I still find it hard to put down when I pick it up.

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