You Might Like "Anne with an E" If...

Posted on February 6, 2019 by Richard Goulter

You might like Netflix’s “Anne with an E” if: - You value current-year progressive ideals, unlike the stupid, ignorant and bad people who hold values you find gross. - You hate close-minded people. - You can’t understand why late 19th century rural farmers don’t hold modern urban bourgeois moral values. - You watched the 10-hour YouTube video of “Gillette commercial”. Three times. Because of how great it is. - etc.

Bonus points if you think the 1985 mini-series was boring and needed more flavour like “Anne has PTSD”.

I guess it’s a bit weird, but I don’t think anyone who loves the 1985 version would like the Netflix version. And vice-versa.
The Netflix version is just a bit too “and everybody clapped”/“I’m so proud of this community”.

The characters are almost all flat, almost all the time; but entirely follow the tropes necessary for the misery porn.
The characters in the plots tend to be one of: “good character with good morals”, “good character doesn’t agree with good morals but then has good morals by the end of the episode”, or “bad character with bad morals”.

I did quite like the penultimate episode of the second season where the characters being to face consequences for their actions. (The son of a poor family who have been making sacrifices for him to attend school gets caught for having been skipping school to pursue a life of art. This trouble was caused by an unconventional and unintegrated teacher who thought she knew the solution presuming she knew how to fix things. The class bully suffers injury in retribution for the pain he caused others).
But apparently the final episode decided these were bad things. (e.g. the final episode has the bully have a change of heart with warm and fuzzy feelings, as he decides to not shoot the cute little fox which has been pillaging the neighbouring chickens).

The show is very pretty, though. So I can understand the idea of “tell whatever story you want just because you like the setting”.

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