Netflix's Dark is Great

Posted on July 13, 2019 by Richard Goulter

Most of my blob-around time goes to YouTube rather than to Netflix. Before I had Netflix, I was worried that it would suck up all my spare time.

Like how Netflix’s “Dark” sucked up all my time.

“Dark” is a show which was written for the kind of people who love modelling things with graphs, and KT45 modal logic. I mean, I didn’t go to the effort of doing that, but it’d be kinda fun.
I did often have to pause and rewind 30s a few times to catch what was being said. The show has many characters and a dense network of interactions.

The show has some light sci-fi, with elements of mystery and a bit of suspense.
The sci-fi aspect is a bit of time travel; and the show has different cases of “Grandfather Paradox”es going on. – This gets combined with a love of dualities, repetitions and reflections. It’s fun.

The second season just released. I think the first few episodes of each season were a bit slow to build things up. (This is at the same time as having so many characters!). And the ending of each season is a bit ‘meh’. And a couple of the character actions come across as irrationally convenient for the plot.
But I really loved the stuff in the middle.

Just some rapid-fire thoughts on other shows I’ve watched:

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