Shit Arguments

Posted on February 19, 2014 by richardgoulter
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This came up on my newsfeed:

Those of you enamoured with the romance of “Oh, but the government is so shit” may enjoy it, I suppose.

I myself don’t know much about economics.. but the above just seems a poor argument.
It draws those it disagrees with as ugly and stupid, and those it agrees with as clever and attractive. - At best, if I, by the end, agree with what it says, will that be because I’m immature and stupid and easily swayed by pretty drawings, or because I’ve been enlightened by a good argument?
But the “good argument” part here doesn’t seem so good. Maybe if I were well informed of the arguments the above piece criticises I’d at least understand the terms better. The whole thing just seems a shambles. :/

Contrast instead with this. Yes, wealth is not equal. Worse than we think it is.
But everyone agrees with that. Everyone, regardless of political belief and leaning.
– Interestingly, perhaps, there there is no “other”, no evil-which-isn’t-us.
It’s a much more genuine and convincing tone.. without being condescending or imbecile.

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