Rainbow Six LV2

Posted on February 8, 2014 by richardgoulter
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Just spent a good hour and a half playing co-op Rainbow Six: Las Vegas 2 (henceforth “R6LV2”). More specifically, “Terrorist Hunt” gameplay mode in that, which is just co-op team of two (or three or four) against some number of enemies.
There were about 25-35  enemies for the “Medium” number of enemies we played against. This can be set lower or higher.

It’s a lot of fun! We would have continued, but I did have other work to do.

Eventually we seemed to figure out, though, that the AI will behave the same way each time (depending on how you play). - So in a session, my co-op partner and I conquered each level by dying a lot, but largely trying the same way each time, so then there’s the foreknowledge of what to look out for when/where. (Not total foresight; and we still died a lot).
– It’s also a game where you really, really need to have voicechat enabled. The action can be fast-paced and intense; sometimes things go from “ok” to “all dead” within a second or two. There’s certainly a lot of “BEHIND YOU! BEHIND YOU!” messages going on, as well as the “clear? Okay, I’ll move up now.” communication.

There is a lot of “you kill the guys who are killing me” teamwork going on, due to where you may be positioned. (Your teammate might not be able to see around the corner which you can, for example). And lots of “Ha, saved your ass just then.” moments, too.

Definitely R6LV2 is a game my co-op buddy and I will be spending much more time in; at least to clear out more of the Terrorist Hunt levels. Maybe we’ll even try replaying the levels with different strategies, and see how much fun that is.

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