A Short Disclaimer...

Posted on January 12, 2012 by richardgoulter

The opinions I express here … are my opinions. Although, I should hope I’m in the process of maturing and improving. So, while the internet lives forever, my opinions may die.
I won’t be making the effort to go back and prune the posts so that it conforms to what I think and believe now.
Or rather, “I don’t necessarily agree with everything I say” on this blog.

Why keep a blog? – Good question! (Or a very boring question. Wouldn’t one have to write a blog in order to say why one writes a blog? It’s a thought to keep in mind, anyway).

But regardless of what I write, let us hope I do not write merely for the sake of being correct. Hope that I do not write to try and cover every possible disagreement, and cover every gap in a thought. If I write a thought and happen to be wrong, so what? To those who do not know me, it matters nothing. (The internet is a very big place full of very incorrect thoughts). To those that know of me, I suppose it would form a poor impression of me; how unfortunate. And to those who know me well enough, I should hope that you knowing me isn’t tainted by any disagreement you would have.

Ah, let’s see how this goes anyway.
If you’re staying to read along, then welcome.
Welcome to my blog….

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