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Posted on January 18, 2012 by richardgoulter
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I can’t help but dislike those who would act indignantly to those they would see as lesser beings. If you think someone’s a moron, and treat them like a moron because of that, you fit the description of that indignation.
Why be so mean/cruel to those people? No one starts knowing everything, or with skills at everything. – I just don’t see how such snobbery could be justified.
But all that is just abstract accusation. (Perhaps I’ve met people who appear to act in such a way. I suppose there have been times I could be accused of such. But, hey).

Let me try again.
The failing of academics, it seems, can be a loss of practicality to pedanticism, or excessive formality. What do I care about whether said formula doesn’t work when x = 0? I meant “list” not “set” when describing my algorithm, but, so?
Yet, in the formality and pedanticism there is (hopefully) the undeniable quality of being correct. And you can’t really argue against that. (Doing that is called “being wrong”…).
– But what’s so cruel/mean about that? (Where’s the connection in writing about snobbery, and academia? Surely no student would consider themselves superior to an uneducated being?). There’s the possibility that, in the trying to be “right”, you miss the whole goal of the understanding.
In the same way, in acting indignantly, you probably miss the point that the people you would treat so poorly are people.

I would want to be correct. I want to have all (or most?) the rigour and ability of those who might misuse it in their pride; I want to push myself and reach my potential and all… yet, I wouldn’t want to be that at the expense of being a snob. (I think that cost would be a bit too high).

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